Vegetable on toast or cakes

Time in the kitchen :40 mins from prep to plate When I was younger my mum would make something called Chinese cakes , these were either for dinner or made smaller for birthday parties . It came from book by Constance D Change . Her book Full Color Chinese cooking was published in 1970.This was…

Mini Chocolate soufflé

My love for sweets comes from mom . Growing up there was always dinner and dessert over the weekends. Puddings , Bavarian cream , mousse and souffles . My cousin’s and I would wait for the dessert bowls to be taken out and served . We were allowed only one serving if really good  a…

Warm Carrot salad

Time in the kitchen : 20 mins from prep to plate Growing up and till today everytime I come across carrots I can always hear my nana saying “Eat your carrots they will make you strong “. The flip side was my cousins taunting me to not eat my carrots as I would turn into…

Sukhe Matar

One thing I’ve been missing during the last few months is good Marwari food . There is something about a Marwari kitchen you can’t replicate . The style of cooking is very different from ours . For one there is no onion and no garlic I can’t imagine my kitchen without onion and garlic ….

Bengali fish curry with vegetables

Fish curry with Parwal and potato (aada jeera batar jhol) . May sound weird it you’re not a Bengali I think .A friend  recommended this curry and shared this recipe . A little sceptical tried it out.Made the panch phoran from scratch as well . 1. Bloody awesome 2. Super easy recipe 3. Mom approved….